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Business Name Eungul Cho
Your Business Type Recruitment / Consulting
Logo / Photo
Contact Details
Contact Name Mark Cho
Position (Director / Supervisor / etc) recruiter
Website URL
Email choeungul(at)
Telephone 82 2 6405 8756
Cell phone 82 10 9797 8756
Office Address
Street Address Level 6 Janggang Bldg., Anyang 1-dong
City / Town Anyang
Province/ State Gyeonggi
ZIP / Post Code 432-829
Country South Korea
About My name is Mark Cho. I live in Seoul. I am a recruiter, helping native English speakers to have English teaching jobs with great salary in South Korea. Working with government, our company, Workesl, is one of the companies with the most number of English teaching jobs.

Basically, you earn great salary (from 2 million to 2.8 million) along with a round trip ticket, free housing, insurance, severance pay, etc. The tax rate is only 3 percent. Why this is possible is that Korea needs a lot of native English speaking people. What you need is you Bachelor's degree in English spoken countries.

Unlike other recruiters, I help you to adjust well in Korea. If you live in and around Seoul, I will meet you twice to counsel you to deal with problems if any or go shopping with you if you have no problems.
If you do not live in and around Seoul, I will meet you once in your area to counsel you to deal with problems if any or go shopping with you if you have no problems.
If you face any trouble afterwards, I will talk with you on the phone any time or meet you.

I have experience working as an English teacher, teaching an exam course, TOEIC and conversation at college and at a private language school, hagwon. Thus, I am fully aware of problems that teachers could encounter and help you handle them.

I am also a national certified tourist guide and know well about the Korean tradition, custom, culture, food, tourist sites and everything. I have been to NZ 3 times and lived there roughly for 8 months in total, Aussie and Japan, so I am well aware of western culture and cultural differences. I speak fluent English and Korean and basic Japanese. I play basketball and go biking in my leisure time. I also have information about how to buy things cheaply without getting ripped off.

I wish I could give you good enough assistance so that you can feel secure and stable in this land. You can contact me at any time.

Email: choeungul(at)
Office: +82 2 6405 8756
Mobile: +82 10 9797 8756
Skype: choeungul1914

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