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Business Name Daechi Wonderland
Your Business Type Private Organization
Logo / Photo
Contact Details
Contact Name David Lohman
Position (Director / Supervisor / etc) Foreign Supervisor
Website URL
Email daechi.wonderland(at)
Telephone 82-2-561-0533
Cell phone 010-2744-2891
Office Address
Street Address 서울시 강남구 대치3동 962-23 2층

Daechi Wonderland
2nd Floor 962-23
Daechi-3-Dong, Kangnam-Ku
City / Town Seoul
Province/ State
ZIP / Post Code
Country South Korea
About My name is David Lohman. Im an American citizen (from Robesonia, PA...just outside Reading, PA) who has been teaching here for 3 years. Everyone has heard stories about Wonderland Schools in Korea, but Id like to take sometime to tell you how we are different. Our Daechi Wonderland Academy is a privately run and operated school for young kids in Kangnam, Seoul. It has been in operation for the past 13 years with 600 plus children attending annually and 20 teachers teaching.

School Information
Over 13 years in the business
Great facilities centrally located
o Great A/C in all the rooms, which you control
o Huge Velcro boards in all the class rooms
o Wall sized white boards to draw and write on
o Teachers room equipped with Photocopier, computers, laminators, etc..
o Play room with an interactive presentation projector
o A terrace
o Theme Rooms
Foreign Supervisor My responsibilities are as follows; Teacher training, maintaining contractual agreements, aiding foreign teachers in Korea, having a fun and relaxed time at work while having a great time outside of work, etc
Huge staff We have 9 foreign teachers and 9 Korean teachers, all with varied interests and activities. The foreign staff usually hangs out a bit more, but everyone is very open with sharing ideas for classes and homework.
Vast amount of reference material such as; flash cards/pintables/ posters etc

Salary and Benefits
2.1 million a month (negotiable if experienced)
Monthly bonus of 100,000 are sometimes given for teachers with high reenrollment
Based on 100 teaching hours per month, not 120, which equals 150 classes monthly
OT is paid over 100 hours of teaching, at 15,000 won per hour
Severance paid at the completion of contract
Payment is always on time and correct
Airfare provided from the closest international airport to Seoul, and back again at the end of your contract

Housing and Location
The school is located in Kangnam, a nice area of Seoul, which is a very active and safe place to live.
Single furnish apt, A/C is included
No roommates
5-15 minutes from school
Next to Line #2 (Green Line) of the city-wide subway
40 minute subway ride to Iteawon - the foreign hang out scene
Close proximity to other teachers and the school
Minutes away from foreign restaurants such as McDonalds. Subway, Popeyes, etc

School hours
The school runs from 9:40-7:30. Teachers will never be expected to work 9:40-7:30 straight through...EVER. Each class is 40 minutes with a 5 minute break in between.

Kindergarten (mornings 5 classes) 3 classes before lunch and 2 after.
9:40am 2:00pm with a half hour break for lunch
Levels range from low to high (High being conversational)
Plenty of aid from other teachers
Large playroom/terrace with projector that we use to watch videos, aid the children with songs and movement during playtime, etc.
Full of lovable kids who are eager to learn (they are pre-elementary school, and thus arent worn out from school all day).

Elementary (afternoons)
2:00pm till 7:30pm (40 minute classes or 70 minute classes)
Advanced classes and regular classes that are generally eager to learn (though not as enthusiastic as the morning kids)
Regular classes study Typical ESL designed books, to provide the building blocks of the structure of the English language.
Advance classes study American textbooks, focusing on reading comprehension and discussion; basically, they put the previously learned building blocks to use.

Our Program
The easiest way to think about the difference between morning and afternoon classes is to look at EFL as building a house. The morning program is where the foundation is laid; students learn the basics of conversation through repetition and games. The afternoon classes (and some of the advanced morning classes) are where the foundation is built upon. The students are given more building blocks which they can use to further their conversational abilities. By the end of the afternoon program, the children are decorating their house, sort of like a fine tuning. They are given the idioms and patterns of speech to help them sound logical and natural in their conversations.

Everything at the school has already been established, but also allows flexibility for personal teaching styles. There are teaching guides with all the books that are being taught with the exception of a few reading books. The reading books are for reading and comprehension and all you need to do is make up your own set of questions before class starts. There are also plenty of storybooks and supplements to follow up your daily lesson plans.

Questions and Answers
Feel free to make any inquiries you wish to help paint a clearer picture to make a sound choice in deciding whether or not to consider this school. I know first hand what its like looking for a job and not having a clue as to what is going to happen!

David Lohman

Also, here's the link to the school's Korean website: IMPORTANT! Make sure to turn down the speakers on your computer BEFORE clicking on the link, as there is a commercial imbedded on the website that is quite loud. The link for the pictures is the picture of the girl infront of a window (between the yellow car and the birthday hats). Check them out. If you want more pictures, go on to facebook. All of the people listed above are on facebook, and most of us have some pictures of teaching as well as pictures of Korea in general.

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