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Contact Name Jay Petroff
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Many foreigners are teaching English in Korea . Approximately 25,000 teachers are on demand in the field, however 20,000 foreigners are working with legal E-2 visas. Teaching English in Korea for a certain period will give you an exciting and fruitful experience. But, some teachers often encounter pitfalls. Some of them even grow to dislike Korea .

Why does this happen?

Lack of preparation and information could be the key problem. It is very important for one to search the related information before taking a job. Unfortunately, to gather useful information and to check information is not so easily accomplished because new clients are too far away when they are hired to check everything for themselves. As a recruitment agency, we would like to help teachers to find appropriate position and not encounter possible pitfalls. This web site contains all the relevant information for the first time English teacher to Korea.

Teaching Positions

Elementary & Secondary Schools: A few years ago many
public schools employed Native English-speaking teachers. But now, the Ministry of Education has drawn up a plan regarding them, so there are no many public schools that are currently hiring Native English-speaking teachers at the moment.
Advantages: Long-term vacation (about two months)
Disadvantages: Big-classes (30~ 40 students per class). There is only one Native English-speaking teacher a school, generally.

Universities: There are 194 universities and 158 colleges in Korea . Most of them operate language institutes and offer an English language major. Therefore, native English speaking professors and ESL instructors are needed. Depending on the position, varying educational backgrounds determine the salary and teaching positions within Universities.
At least an MA degree is required for a lecturer position. Those with a PhD can receive a higher position.
Advantages: Relatively long-term vacation.
Disadvantages: Limited quota. Some lecturers do additional jobs such as editorial supervision and teaching at an English program for children.

Companies and Organizations: Some big companies operate their own training centers for employees and have English classes. In some cases English as a Second Language (ESL) programs are run by outside private language institutes. Due to a high salary and good working environment, the competition for these kinds of jobs is high.
Advantages: Fewer working hours than private language institute
Disadvantages: Sometimes the teacher must work for several companies.

Private Language Institute ("HAKWON " in Korean): In Korea , private-language institutes employ most Native-English speaking teachers. Students vary from pre-school children to adults. On average, 2~6 foreign teachers work for an institute.
Advantages: Small class size (7~15 students per class)
Disadvantages: It is difficult to distinguish good schools from bad ones because each hakwon-even those of franchised schools- has its own unique situations.

Teaching Level

Pre School & Elementary School Students: By playing games and having everyday conversation practice, teachers need to encourage students' interest in English.
Timetable range: 9:30 AM ~ 7:00PM
Middle School & High School Students: Conversation and basic grammar, teachers help students speak English with confidence.
Timetable range: 2:00PM ~ 10:00PM

University Students & Adults: They have considerable reading and grammar skills. However, their conversation skills are usually poor. Teaching focus is generally on topic conversation and theme discussion.
Timetable range: 6:00AM ~ 11:30AM, 6:00 PM ~ 9:30PM (Generally split-shift)

Working Conditions
As an active recruiter in the field, we are regretful that teachers are paying too much attention to their salary. Of course, salary is an important issue for teachers, but there are other important factors as well. You should consider both external factors(such as salary, housing, timetable, etc) and internal factors, such as the quality of the institute(i.e. the characteristics of your employer's faithfulness to the contract, etc). After staying in Korea several months, you will learn that salary is not the most important part when accepting a school's offer. To ensure you don't encounter pitfalls, we strongly suggest that you ask about the institute from persons familiar with the institute, especially former or active employees.

The following are the general conditions that most teachers are working under:

Duration: All contracts are for 12 months.

Class Size: 10-15 students per class

Salary: 2.1-2.5 million won ($2,400.00-$3000.00CAD) each month, depending on your position, education and qualifications.

Overtime Pay: Overtime rate ranges between 15,000 and 20,000 won.

Schedule: Monday to Friday (Some institutes offer Saturday Classes)

Hours: 100-120 teaching hours/month (40-50-60 min classes)

Vacation: Teachers receive 8-10 paid vacation days plus most Korean national holidays.

Accommodation: Paid accommodation in a shared apartment or single apartment.

Severance Pay: One month's base salary is paid upon successful completion of a 12 month contract.

Flight Ticket: Round trip airfare paid provided. Air tickets are pre-arranged for the client and mailed to their address.

Tax Rate: 3.7~5% (depending on salary)

Housing Deposit: A housing deposit is typically either 100,000 won for the first six months, or 200,000 for the first three. The school of course returns the deposit usually one month after a teacher ' s contract has expired.

Medical Coverage: The school pays 50% of the coverage.

How to Apply:
If you are interested in teaching English in Korea for a year, send us your resumé, cover letter and photo. We would prefer to receive your documents via email in Microsoft Word format.
Send your resumé, cover letter and photo to:

Please visit us on line at for more information.

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