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Job Hunting tips: What is a good photo to go with your resume?

By now, you probably know that Korean employers always want to have a look at your photo. This is a common thing in Korean culture, and you may also know that it is perfectly acceptable to mention your date of birth and marital status on their resume.

Your photo could be the most important thing in grabbing some-one's attention. A picture is worth a thousand words and you can also use a picture to your advantage in securing that interview. Here are some things you should do / not do:

1. The best photos are either passport photo style head-shots, or even better, photos of YOU actually teaching!

2. Wear clothes that are acceptable for when you are teaching. It is not good to submit your photo wearing your best evening gown or party shirt.

3. Do not look like you are having too much fun. (You are supposed to be serious at work)

4. Try not to include other people in the shot (unless it is a photo of you teaching and the other people are your students). The last thing an employer wants to do is to wonder which one is you!

5. Overall composition - Think about the kind of image your photo is presenting. A a head shot with a disco ball spinning in the background is not good, no matter how good your head / hair looks in that photo. The best tip that we got from a Korean employer once is that they were mostly interested in shots where the teachers were actually doing the teaching.

As you can see now, you have a lot of control in how your photo will be judged, and a good image may be the best weapon in your arsenal! We hope this advice was useful to you.