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Korean Blogs - A quick overview


As you may already know, there are hundreds of foreigners and expats living in Korea. Most of them live in Seoul, and many of them have a very exciting life which is often filled with daily challenges adventures and of new discovery.  For that reason, we have added hundreds of new links to Blogs to our directory here:

Most of the blogs are simply diaries and short log entries, with  some photos or videos slapped in, updated once a month. However, some are quite interesting and regularly updated, offering news, entertainment and write-ups on various topics. 
Take 'The Daily Kimchi' for example, which is regularly updated with some interesting tidbits.
There is also ZenKimchi - - Which claims to be the biggest Korean blog, recently splitting in to 3 separate blogs offering a journal on Korean Food, 'Video Hunt', Adventures, and there is even a store!
Next, there are the blogging Celebrities. These people have lived in Korea for ages and have been blogging long and hard enough to archive some fame. For example, on 'About Joel' - you will find a blog regularly updated  since 2002 which surely has hundreds of fans. There is also 'Ruminations in Korea', - run by 'Jeff' since 2003 who is a motorcycle enthusiast who is going  through some tough times at the moment.
We cannot move on without also mentioning these stars:

'The lost Nomad' - mostly comments on news and politics.
I have Seoul - - A Canadian teaching in Seoul
The Iceberg - - Korean celebrities / entertainment, by The Iceberg 
Lost Seouls - - another oldie.

ROK Drop - - Supposedly maintained by a US Soldier
Party Pooper - - Who he really is remains a mystery!
Marmot's Hole - - often can be controversial...
There are many, many more blogging celebrities that we've missed and that probably should get a mention on the list.
Finally, there are the specialist blogs, usually focused on a particular topic or idea. Some being very obsessive, some are bordering on insanity. Take for example 'Feet / Man / Seoul' - a fashion blog dedicated to feminine beauty form the ground up. Some other blogs that fall in the specialist group are:
- Seoul Daily Photo - - a new photo every day
- My Korean Kitchen - - Food, one of the greatest obsessions
- Delicious Korea - - Korean gastronomy (again)
- DPRK Studies - - North Korea
- Kangami - - Learning Korean
- Learn Korean - - Learning Korean, quite extensive.
There are hundreds of blogs out there and it is impossible to cover them all in one article.
We look forward to have some more reviews of the different blogs out there. If you know
the topic well then why don't you write some of your blog reviews and we'll publish it
on Hi Teacher? It could also be a good way to promote your own blog too!

Hi Teacher offers an extensive link collection to many of these and other blogs here:

* Important Disclaimer: Hi Teacher is not responsible, endorse or necessarily agree with
any content that is presented in the blogs mentioned above.