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Applying for ESL College Jobs in Korea

Universities / College jobs in Korea are the most competitive area to get into for ESL teachers. It is no surprise, given that itís common for colleges to give teachers only 15 teaching hours per week.  In return, the university gives about 2.0 million per month salary and two months of paid vacation!

Most colleges require a masterís degree; however, some colleges will accept applicants who are veterans in their field with only a Bachelorís degree. Bear in mind though, that even if you are a veteran Bachelor, you still have to beat the competition with all the veteran Master degrees, and there are people in line to those jobs! Some teachers will not work in Korea, unless they work in a college.

The only disadvantage with a college job is that the usual contract does not offer sponsored housing. Unlike Hogwans where they pay for your visa run expenses, a college will make you pay for your own visa run. (A Ďvisa runí is when you leave Korea and go to another country in order to get your work permit visa)

Colleges donít usually use recruiters for hireing teachers. Teachers are hired through word-of-mouth Ė So if you have a friend that works at a university and he/she is leaving soon, make sure that they are your best friend! Sometimes universities post their advertisements to a Job Board directly to this website, and you can reply to those.

Better still, many universities have jobs that are on the Hidden Jobs Market. Jobs on the Hidden Jobs Market are the jobs that have not been advertised, and sometimes not even fully budgeted or given the final approval.

One of the ways of accessing the hidden market is by contacting them directly. Who knows, maybe the university will have a position available in lets say, 3 months time. You apply with the advantage because they see your resume first. Perhaps your application could help sway the hireling managerís mind to finally push for that new opening to be approved!

Another way of accessing the 'hidden' jobs market is to submit your resume to the Hi Teacher database. Every day, potential employers browse our database looking for good teachers but not necessarily post any job advertisements. Submitting your resume to the database gives you an extra edge, so get ahead of the pack and do it today if you haven't done already!

Links to Universities & Celleges in Korea

Ajou University
Andong National University
Anyang University

Asia United Theological University

California State Christian University
Catholic University

Catholic University of Taegu-Hyosung

Changwon National University

Cheju National University

Cheju National Universtiy of Education

Chinju National University

Chinju National University of Education

Chodang University

Chonan   National University
Chonbuk Industrial Master's College
Chonbuk National University

Chongju National University
Chongju National University of Education

Chongshin University
Chonju National University of Education

Chosun University
Christian Theological University

Chuncheon National University of Education
Chungang University
Chungang University(Ansung)
Chungbuk National University
Chungnam National University

Chungwoon University
Daebul University
Daejin University

Dankook University
Dankook University(Cheonan)
Donga University
Dongduk Women's University
Dong-Eui University

Dongguk University
Dongseo University

Dongshin University

Dong Yang Technical College

Dongyang University
Duksung Women's University
EuljiMedical College
Ewha Women's University

Far East University
Gachon Medical School
Gyeong Sang National University

Hallym University
Handong University
Hanil University & Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Hankyung National University
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Hankuk Avaiation University
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Hanlyo University

Hannam University
Hansei University
Hanseo University
Hanshin University

Hansung University
Hanyang University
Honam Theological University & Seminary
Honam University

Hongik University
Hoseo University
Howon University
Hyupsung University
Inchon National University of Education
Inchon University

Information and Communications University
Inha University

Inje University

International Design School for Advanced Studies
Jeonju University

Joongbu University
Kangnam University
Kangnung National University

Kangwon National University

Keimyung University

Konju National University of Education

Konju University
Konkuk University
Konkuk University(Chungju)
Konyang University

Kookmin University
Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology
Korea Batist Theological University/Seminary

Korea Christian University
Korea Maritime University
Korea National Open University
Korea National University of Education
Korean National Police University
Korean National University of Physical Education
Korea Nazarene University
Korea University
Korea University(Seochang)
Korea University of Technology and Education
Kosin University
Kumoh National University of Technology
Kunsan National University

Kwandong University
Kwangju Catholic University
Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology
Kwangju National University of Education
Kwangju University
Kwangju Women's University
Kwangwoon University

Kyung Dong University
Kyonggi University
Kyung Hee University
Kyungil University
Kyungju University
Kyungnam University

Kyungpook National University
Kyungsan University

Kyungsung University
Kyungwon University
Kyungwoon University
Methodist Theological Seminary
Miryang National University
Mokwon University

Mokpo National University
Myongji University

Myungjin aviation University
Namseoul University
Paichai University

Praise Theological Seminary
Pukyong National University
Pusan National University

Pusan National University of Education
Pusan University of Foreign Studies

Pusan Women's University
Pyongtaek University

Sahmyook University
Samchok National University

Sang Ji University
Sangju National University
Sangmyung University
Sejong University
Semyung University
Seokyeong University
Seonam University
Seoul Jangsin University & Theological Seminary

Seoul National University
Seoul National University of Education
Seoul National University of Technology
Seoul Theological University
Seoul Women's University

Seowon University
Silla University
Sogang University
Sookmyung Women's University

SoonChunHyang University

Soong Sil University
Sunchon University

Sung-Kong-Hoe University
Sungkyul Christian University
SungKyunKwan University
Sungsan Hyo University of Graduate Studies
Sungshin Women's University
Sunmoon University
Suwon University
Taegu National University of Education
Taegu University
Taejon National University of Technology
Taejon University
The Korean National University of Arts
The University of Seoul
Tongmyong University of Information Technology
Torch Trinity Graduate School of Theology
Uiduk University

University of Ulsan
Westminster Graduate School of Theology
WonBuddhism Graduate School
Wonkwang University, School of Medicine
Woosong University
Woosuk University
Yeungnam University

Yonsei University

Yonsei University(Wonju)
YoungDong University
Youngnam Theological College and Seminary
Youngsan University

Youngsan WonBuddhist University
Yosu National University