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Dong Dae Mun Market

The Dong Dae Mun market in Seoul is a great place for foreigners to shop. The name “Dong Dae Mun” means “Eastern Great Gate”. At one time, the city of Seoul was surrounded by a wall. Outside the eastern gate people used to gather to buy and sell goods, and as time passed, this gathering developed into a large market. The perimeter of the city has moved, but the gate and its market have not. Although originally situated on the eastern edge of the city, the slow progression of the city’s perimeter outward has meant that the market is now centrally located.

What can be bought

Dong Dae Mun market is comprised of a number of multistory buildings with merchants’ shops in them and stalls strewn between them. These shops and stalls sell a large range of goods including fashionable clothing, electronic goods, sporting goods, jewelry, shoes, bags, tools, hiking and camping goods. The opening and closing times vary somewhat between shops and stalls, but in general they are open at night, as well as during the day.                                                                                   

The following is a list of the most popular buildings at the market:

Doosan Tower ( also called “Doota”) – The shops in this building sell clothes, shoes, jewelry and bags. Credit cards can be used to pay for goods. Usually, haggling is not possible at the shops in this building. There are changing rooms on each floor where clothing can be tried on.

Hello APM – This building is similar to Doosan Tower, but the goods are generally for younger people.

Miliore – This building is similar to Doosan Tower in that it sells the same types of goods and has performances on a stage in front of the building. However, the building is more cramped inside because the shops are smaller and the aisles between them are narrower.

Jaeil Pyoung Hwa – The shops in this building are a bit cheaper than in the buildings mentioned above. Credit cards at this building can’t be used and clothes can’t be tried on. Most of the shops sell women’s clothing with only a few selling men’s clothing. The quality of the goods in this building is reputed to be very high.

How to get there

There are numerous ways to get to the market. Dong Dae Mun market is next to the “Dong Dae Mun Stadium” subway station. This station is made easier to get to than most by the fact that it is on the intersection of three subway lines and so can be approached from a number of directions. The three subway lines that intersect at the market are the number 2, 4 & 5 lines. These subway lines are colored green, blue and purple respectively on Seoul subway maps. The market can also be reached by bus numbers 144 and 420 which depart from Gangnam station.

While shopping at this huge market, if you feel your energy level getting low, there are many stalls selling food to fuel your continued hunt for bargains.


Happy shopping!

by Robert Reginald



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