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Business Name Richard. Jeong
Your Business Type Government institution
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Contact Name Richard.Jeong
Position (Director / Supervisor / etc) Director
Website URL
Email richard0211(at)
Telephone 82-55-533-1922, 82-10-8552-0211
Cell phone 82-10-8552-0211
Office Address
Street Address 870-1 woo-cheon ri, go-am myeon, Chang-nyeong gun.
City / Town chang-nyeong gun
Province/ State gyeong-sang-nam- do
ZIP / Post Code 635-933
Country South. Korea
About This is The korea government English village..We are looking for new teachers ,any us Hi from suzi (English village Director, my wife) and richard(I'm a superintendent)

How are you doing? we hope you are doing great ! Nice talking on the phone with you !

My English village is located at CHANG-NYEONG(small town) near the DAE-GU(40 minutes by bus) in south korea

It is famous for Hot -Spa..It is called BU-KOK Hawaii in korea.. Everybody knows here in korea.....

Many English speakers work here as my staff..This is Korea government English school.....

Korea government entrust us one hundred percent with English village (full power) hired or be fired

and everything about English speakers....My family has strong pull string with korean government

so to speak, Big-Gun (Ha-Ha)

Above all , my staff(foreigners) call us Korean Mom and Dad.. nice family atmosphere...

and I want need to have enthusiasm and love for teaching, I want people person(character,

outgoing person) and two recent photographs one is full length photo. and Iwill

provide yoy and (Agent) with some information to make your working life easier..............


Internet Access:all apartment come with a computer(SAM SUNG) and Broadband Internet

TFT Monitors, speakers etc.. The connection is pretty good. Don't worry about bring a computer

or anything like that.........

# The teachers rule is that you "uphold your dignity; Basically you must do your best at all times

.Education in the most important thing in thiscountry,

A Demo-confusionist society means that hierarchy and bureaucracy areparamount to the working environment

..It is important that you follow instructions one hundred percent at all times... but between the management

and native speakers are trust each other one hundred percent


thepupilsare from the localtown and near by districts.. you have the students for one week and then a whole new set the following week...

cyber -school , It is is teaching with a web camera and head is unique and will teat a new

range of skills.....the job is different to general classroom teaching..... you need to have computer skills...

employees where either for cyber school or English camp..... you might change job....

I give you more flexibility in recruitment.....


one very important thing is private tutoring..This is a BIG NO!! this is a government school..

kids parents may ask you to tutor their kids part -time.... it is illegal and if you piss -off the government, you are likely to loss a bit more than your job and money.. but you have some benefits than private schools


There are a few new rules in korea RE:recruiting nowadays after interpol's leading paedophile had been found working in korea for several years....

Rules are very strict now .. you can not break your contract......It is 12 months and that is it....

you need to send me(richard) a ;CHARACTER Reference" via email or by post..

your teaching orientation is a full week... Depending on the staffing situation... you will either spend a week helping

in on peoples class and taking the odd one for the, or you will be thrown straight into the deep end....

the orientation week is unpaid.....................

your ATM card from the your country will not work in here........................


teaching materials..... If you have taught kids,teenagers, TESOL.... then bring them...

Before coming here ..... let's keep in touch very often... and then .come over my English village

when you are free(let me know..when is your convenient time, day?...

#salary +++ based on 2.3 million and 2.4, million won (If you have teacher's ceterficate and experiences)

if you are hired as a my staff ..then you have a golden of opportunity ^^^^^^

and please send me your full length pictures...

and your hobbies.. your personality.....and so on.... in detail let me know....

I hope to here from you very soon..

many different blessings


suzi and richard( we are a team....... good boss(Ha-Ha)

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